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Best Seafood Restaurants Coos Bay – Surf and Turf

Do you want one of the best Surf and Turf plates from one of the best restaurants in Coos Bay, Oregon?

Hilltop House offers a choice flame-broiled 8 ounce New York Strip steak alongside four crispy, tender deep-fried prawns, a vegetable medley, and garlic buttered pasta. This classic take on the old Surf and Turf formula is sure to please even the most discerning palates. We pride ourselves on being authentic Oregon Coast cuisine – robust, honest, and made with the best ingredients we can get our hands on. Our surf and turf is a great example of our philosophy: take something great and take it up a notch. We are sure you will notice the difference from the first bite.

New York Strip – Among the Most Tender Cuts

There are many factors to consider when choosing a cut of meat. Though many people prefer the most tender cut, this is not the only factor. Much of a cut’s character comes from its location on the cow, as well as the way the cow was raised and pastured. But, all factors being equal, the New York strip is known to be an easy and tasty bite.

When a cow is butchered, the first order of business is dividing it into what are known as “primal cuts.” Primal cuts are those first large portions removed from a carcass and set aside for further work down the line. The New York strip originates from the loin, a primal cut comprising the muscle groups running between the ribcage and the round, or back leg. The loin is further divided into three large subprimals – the short loin, the tenderloin, and the sirloin. New York strip is cut from the short loin, which begins at the spine immediately behind the ribcage and wraps around the carcass to the flank running along the belly. The tenderloin runs across the short loin to the sirloin. Many of the cuts found in these subprimals are notably tender thanks to their relatively relaxed and unstressed role in the life and locomotion of a cow. This means they are less burdened with connective tissue and the individual muscle fibers are of a smaller diameter.

New York strip is cut from a muscle located in the short loin called the longissimus. The longissimus is a deep muscle running the length of a cow’s body near the spine. The portion cut as New York Strip is the large final lobe connecting the ribs to the pelvis. This muscle is notably free from tendons and ligaments as well as any substantial workload. Though not as tender as the eponymously-named tenderloin, the New York Strip has other qualities. It is considered to be both more flavorful and more fatty than tenderloin, which adds a hint of complexity and savor sometimes missing from more delicate cuts.

All our beef is sourced from Cedar River Farms. Cedar River Farms beef is all-natural, which means they don’t use any sub-therapeutic antibiotics, growth hormones, or beta agonists. They harvest their beef between at between 14 and 17 months, which means a more tender, flavorful end product. We trust Cedar River Farms to help us keep our reputation as one of the best restaurants in Coos Bay, Oregon.

Scrumptious Prawns

Though prawns can refer to any number of larger crustaceans, those who eat fresh seafood in the Pacific Northwest are most familiar with the spot prawn, or Alaskan prawn. Not the largest prawn, the spot prawn is sweet and flavorful, especially when caught after their winter feed and migration. These filter feeders carry with them a wonderfully evocative oceanic flavor in their delicate flaky flesh. Paired with our flame-broiled New York strip steak, our deep-fried Alaskan prawns complete the main feature of our surf and turf plate.

Surf and turf as a presentation of steak and seafood has its origins in the classic Northeastern seafood restaurants of the early sixties. Already having made its way into ad speak as a shorthand for things to bring to the beach or use at home, surf and turf caught on quickly as more and more seafood restaurants began to see demand for more interesting entrée options. By the 1980s, surf and turf had reached general popularity. It was expected you would find a surf and turf dish at any reputable restaurant that served either beef or seafood.

Of course, the Pacific Northwest was one of the early adopters of the surf and turf regime. Thanks to excellent local beef and seafood, Oregon is a great place to find this classic dish. And among the best restaurants in Coos Bay, Hilltop stands out for its sturdy and forthright surf and turn presentations.

We serve Cedar River Beef!

Looking for the Best Restaurants in Coos Bay?

Try out Hilltop House! We are consistently mentioned as one of the best restaurants in Coos Bay and North Bend. Chef Joseph brings his unique inspiration and classical skill to the table with every delicious dish we serve. Our surf and turf is just such a dish, a classic elevated by great ingredients and expert technique.

Just like everything on the menu at Hilltop House, our surf and turf represents what it is to be a classic Northwest steak and seafood restaurant. This is a serious calling in one of the more serious food scenes on the West coast (which is already known for its foody culture). If you are looking to try food from some of the best seafood restaurants in Coos Bay, put Hilltop House at the top of your list. Not only will you enjoy the food – the ambiance, setting on the beautiful Oregon Coast, and the excellent service will keep you coming back again and again. Whether you live in the Coos Bay area or you are just passing through, Hilltop House is a place you can call home. Don’t forget to call ahead to make reservations or inquire about our always-changing chef’s specials. We’ll set the table for you.

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

Old and funky building...very 60s! But the food was excellent! Had the cod with mango curry sauce, it was soo good, and the grilled pineapple was to die for! Will stop again if I go back that way!!

This is probably my favorite place to eat in Coos Bay/North Bend. The stuffed mushroom appetizer is worth the wait as it takes a bit of time to prepare. The dinner salads are beautiful as well as being delicious. I have never ordered anything here that I've been unhappy with

If you have not eaten here you are missing out on a wonderful delight. For your first trip go for an early dinner, the view is wonderful. My family has been here on multiple occasions and we have never ordered anything we did not enjoy. It is casual dining with upscale quality.

This is our go to for great food and good drinks. Whether sitting at the bar and enjoying awesome appetizers or in the restaurant with a beautiful view of the bay, you can't go wrong.

I had a steak that simply melted in my mouth. The service was awesome and the atmosphere amazing. It was quiet, the food excellent, and it all comes with a view of the bay(free).. You definitely get what you pay for at the Hilltop.

My wife and I have been going to this restaurant for years but the last meal we had there was most excellent. She had scallops for the first time there and I had fried calamari that was the best I had ever eaten. The view, as always, is gorgeous, and on a previous visit we watched an osprey

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